Welcome to the ClinConnect Student Education Module

ClinConnect is a web-based resource designed to manage clinical placements for health care students who will undertake clinical placement in NSW Heath facilities / services. Students are required to meet the immunisation and criminal record check requirements in order to attend clinical placements.

This student education module has been developed to provide you with the information and resources you require in order to have your compliance with requirements verified in the ClinConnect database to enable you to attend clinical placement. It is recommend you review all of the information provided and follow the instructions required for submission of your information for your specific education provider / campus.

Watch this 90 second video to find out why immunisation is so important.


Why Must I Immunise?

The above video, sourced from the UK’s NHS  gives a good overview of how immunisation works and protects the general population.


I was surprised how long it took to be immunised.

Many students are often surprised how long the process to be immunised takes. Be sure to plan ahead so not to impact your placement.


How do I undertake a criminal record check?

All students undertaking placement are required to undergo a criminal record check. Read here about how to complete the requirements.

You are required to provide evidence of vaccination for EACH of the listed diseases. Depending on your age, background, and country of origin the requirements for providing evidence can differ.
There are many common myths about vaccinations and their safety. You may have been told things like vaccines are unsafe or vaccines weaken the immune system. Read some of the common myths and the facts to learn more.
Naturally, you have some questions about your vaccination and criminal history check requirements for your placement.  We have compiled a list of FAQ’s to make it easy to find the answers you need.

A simple check list. Have you: