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Immunisation Compliance

Immunisation and screening requirements must be completed within six months of course commencement. Some vaccinations will take some time to complete so it is essential you commence as soon as possible. If you are unable to complete your hepatitis B vaccination and testing or TB screening we can allow you to attend clinical placement providing you have completed all your other immunisation requirements and have had at least the first dose of hepatitis B vaccination. Your compliance will fall into one of the following categories: [engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title="Full Compliance" state=""] A NSW Health Certificate of Compliance will be issued to those health care students who meet the full immunisation requirements. [/engine_collapse] [engine_collapse title="Interim Compliance" state=""] Those health care students not able to complete the hepatitis B or TB requirements of this Policy Directive prior to their commencement of their first clinical placement will only be allowed to commence the first clinical placement if they comply with certain minimum requirements as per the ”Student Declaration / Undertaking” and undertake to complete the requirements of the Policy Directive within six months of commencement of the course. Failure to complete the full course of hepatitis B vaccine according to the recommended schedule, and provide a post vaccination serology result, or to attend for TB screening (if required) within the appropriate timeframes will result in suspension from attending further clinical placements. It is the responsibility of the student to provide the additional evidence required prior to expiration of the six month period.[/engine_collapse] [engine_collapse title="Conditional Compliance" state=""] Health Care Students unable to obtain compliance due to contraindications to immunisation (e.g. a medical condition, adverse reaction to immunisation) will require a risk assessment and a risk management plan in consultation with their educational [...]

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ClinConnect is a web-based resource designed to manage clinical placements for health care students who will undertake clinical placement in NSW Heath facilities / services. Students are required to meet the immunisation and criminal record check requirements in order to attend clinical placements. This student education module has been developed to provide you with the information and resources you require in order to have your compliance with requirements verified in the ClinConnect database to enable you to attend clinical placement. It is recommend you review all of the information provided and follow the instructions required for submission of your information for your specific education provider / campus. Your immunisation compliance must be completed within six months of commencement of the course and well in advance of any clinical placement, remembering that some immunisations can take months to complete. For most disciplines you must complete this in semester one. For those disciplines that attend clinical placement in the first semester of study (such as medicine and midwifery) you will need to plan ahead to get this done before clinical placement. Criminal Record Checks (CRC) can take some time to obtain so it is recommended you apply for this before commencing your course. HNE Health will arrange to sight your CRC early in your first semester / trimester so it is essential you obtain this early. Special provision has been provided for Social Work and Nutrition and Dietetics students to provide their Criminal Record Check at the beginning of their second year of study (as they do not attend clinical placement in year one).

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