• Contagious, potentially life-threatening bacterial infection, now rare in Australia because of immunisation.
  • Spread via respiratory droplets and discharges from the nose, mouth or skin. Infectious for up to 4 weeks from onset of symptoms.
  • Anyone not immune through vaccination or previous infection is at risk.
  • Diphtheria toxin (produced by the bacteria) can cause inflammation of the heart muscle, leading to death.


  • Infection from a bacterium usually found in soil, dust and animal faeces. Toxin from the bacterium can attack the nervous system.
  • Although the disease is now fairly uncommon, it can be fatal. Not spread from person to person.
  • Generally occurs through injury. Neonatal tetanus can occur in babies of inadequately immunised mothers.
  • Mostly older adults who were never adequately immunised.

Whooping cough

  • Highly infectious bacterial infection, spread by respiratory droplets through coughing or sneezing.
  • Cough that persists for more than 3 weeks and, in children, may be accompanied by paroxysms, resulting in a “whoop” sound or vomiting.
  • Anyone not immune through vaccination is at risk of infection and/or transmission. Can be fatal, especially in babies under 12 months of age.

You MUST complete the vaccination requirement below.

  • One adult dose of diphtheria/ tetanus/ pertussis vaccine (dTpa). A booster dose of dTpa is required if 10 years have elapsed since a previous dose.
    NB Serology (blood tests) will not be acceptable