• Blood-borne viral disease. Can lead to a range of diseases including chronic hepatitis B infection, cirrhosis and liver cancer.
  • Anyone not immune through vaccination or previous infection is at risk of infection via blood or other body fluids entering through broken skin, mucous membrane, injection/needlestick, unprotected sex or from HBV positive mother to child during birth.
  • Specific at risk groups include: health care workers, sex partners of infected people, injecting drug users, haemodialysis patients.

You MUST complete both the vaccination and serology requirements below.

  • Documented evidence of a completed, age appropriate course of hepatitis B vaccination i.e.
  • If vaccinated as an adult > = 20 yrs old – a total of 3 doses of 1mL adult formula at 0, 1 & 3-6 months
  • If vaccinated as a child / adolescent < 20 yrs old – a total of 3 doses of 0.5 mL paediatric formula at 0, 1 & 3- 6 months
  • If vaccinated at 11-15 yrs old – A total of 2 doses of 1mL adult formula at 0 and 4 – 6 months is accepted
  • Anti-HBs greater than or equal to 10mIU/mL. Where there is a history of vaccination & anti-HBs > = 10 but no documentation & it is reasonable to accept that there has been vaccination as per the appropriate schedule, this may be accepted as compliance.


  • Documented evidence of anti-HBc, indicating past hepatitis B infection. NB if anti- HBc positive (indicating past hepatitis B infection) additional investigation may be required